Bachelorette o Bachelor Party?

Reading the post title, I am sure that everyone’s thinking goes to hilarious picture of tiger in the bathroom of the famous movie “hangover”, founded aftermath the bechelor party by one of the protagonists. The group finds the “meek” felino and fix reconstruct the pieces of the evening.

Ok… Let’s avoid us under these conditions! Let’s have fun, but always with some control. Also why would you be against trend! The tradition of Bachelor/Bachelorette party is to enjoy the last moments of “freedom”, but surely is changed!

Are gone the days when they were only men to indulge in this kind of celebration, as the women started only in the 60s, years of protest and of the girl power who cleared through customs many of those bans that were imposed only to the fairer sex. So as boys, also girls started to devote an evening crowds before marriage.

Since then it has transcended, from that it was a quiet dinner where laughing and joking, has turned into a real event “prohibited.” And from here the classic image of the policeman / stripper who knocks on the door of the house where the girls gathered for the festivities. As well as the Stirp Club evenings for the Bachelor party

Let us tell the truth, this seems a bit dingy and kitsch and thankfully seems to have passed and the hen and celibacy are decidedly “cleaned up”. It is also true that the average age of marriage is very uphill, then you come up with a certain maturity to the “Yes”. In addition there is no longer a need to “fight” for their freedom because men and women cut their healthy spaces.

Therefore, abandoned the excesses and ensure you don’t miss the freedom, the mind is open to new horizons.

Now everything is dedicated to travel, have fun but also have a culture! You can prefer trip: aweekend to spend with friends, having fun, but seeing a new place! However, a disco nights it’s always an option with some drunk but the spirit with which we deal with these journeys is very different.

Very fashionable in US is the Bridal Shower, a party among friends, that bring some gifts to the bride! On these occasions, you can call an expert and representative of Sex Toys! Perhaps this is somewhat seen as taboo in Italy, but it seems that these tools serve to strengthen the relationship of couple …

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