Pre-Wedding Stress: 4 steps to be relaxed!


On pre-wedding stress we already talked about many times and we know that getting married is a scientifically proven stress placed even in the prestigious 50-level stress Scale (from 0 to 100) of Holmes and Rahee. You can see the same words inside the post on Wedding Coach.

The easiest way would be to rely on a Wedding Planner, which you well know by now, is among the most effective treatment for various symptoms from organization of marriage…

But without looking for a specialist to combat stress, and if you rely on a Wedding Planner, you might try to relax following these 4 easy tips:

1. Be Romantic

Instead of arguing with her future husband on smaller things, try to enjoy a few romantic candlelit dinners wit some glasses of wine. Or a romantic weekend in a spa with massage; a cooking class of aphrodisiac food… In short, the more you keep high the flame of passion and love, the more your stress and leave you loosen, giving way to the emotion!


2. Be Selfish

You don’t have to please everyone! Think before your needs and desires. Later, if you like, think of those of those around you. Her mother-in-law, mother, aunt, friend intrusive are after! Don’t mind about that and repeat your self: you don’t have to marry them, but us!

3. No Wedding Day 

I don’t say once a week, but at least once a month, try not to think of marriage! It will be difficult because until the day of the “anyone” will meet you will ask of marriage or will call you “bride”, but you try to erase from your mind and focus your attention on more…


4. Learn to delegate

If you have hired a Wedding Planner you can easily do that, but if you haven’t done so, try to do it with who you trust more: your mom or your best friend. Or simply split up the tasks with your future husband. Sharing the various aspects of the organisation of the wedding you will feel even more indispensable for each other.





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