The “to do list” looks endless, complicated, unattainable and extremely expensive. You start wasting time and money to run after the florist, the suppliers, the hairstylist, the make up artist and the designer. Stress increases because the situation is getting out of hand continue…


When you need to celebrate an important occasion you want that all costs it leaves a mark. Everybody has to talk about, it has to be remembered as memorable. Whatever you want to celebrate, a birthday, a graduation party, an inauguration, a company party continue…

Destination Wedding

The wide experience gained over the years allowed her to specialize in Destination Wedding in Italy, particularly in Amalfi Coast, Sorrento Coast, Positano and Capri Island. With a proper amount of knowledge continue…

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News 16 October 2018
Se vuoi muovere i primi passi in questo magnifico ma vastissimo mondo, il modo migliore è quello di prendere parte..
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Lucia Casarella

★★★★★ (5 stars)
Ester is an amazing person, a marvelous and attentive professional. She takes care meticulously of every detail and works with high level suppliers. I had the wedding of my dreams, it was a fairy tale thanks to her. I still receive phone calls from my guests surprised by how spectacular it was and the day was the most beautiful of my entire life. Everything was perfect, the details made it enchanted. She was able to make all my wishes come true, she satisfied every caprice, she calmed my nerves, she managed every unexpected event and she tempered my anxiety. My husband too was surprised and satisfied of her amazing job! I lived my marriage with serenity, without worries, I enjoyed it, because she was by my side and thought about everything! I met someone special and I had my perfect wedding!

Bibi Passarelli

★★★★★ (5 stars)
Perfect organizer, great taste, simply indispensable!!! Ester’s team helped me to organize the wedding which was held in June. Ester helped us to organize and acted as a filter with the suppliers. They were all very good and accurate. I think it is essential for spouses who have little time to devote to the details of the wedding, in fact, with the support of Ester and her team it’s easier to turn ideas into reality.

Marva Schodel

★★★★★ (5 stars)
Ester and Piera you are the best. We had such a wonderful experience and would happily get married in Naples again just to have you plan it. Amazing food, amazing atmosphere and you were so hospitable to all our friends and family. Thanks you both for making our special day extra special. We love you!

Giovanna Russo

★★★★★ (5 stars)
Impeccable service, professionalism, availability and elegance are Ester’s strong points. She made my wedding unique, creating a relaxed, convivial, simple and extremely elegant ambience, thanks to her extreme attention to details, her perfect organization and the professionalism not only hers but also of all of the suppliers, the graphic designer, the florist, the pastry chef. Why I recommend her? Because she sustained me in all the preparations, she was my moral support in all crises, organized everything, leaving me free to devote myself to something else, she always asked for my opinion but without the stress of decisions and of the contacts with suppliers. She solved all the little “troubles” you always have to face during the organization of an event, she organized the day of marriage studying every detail, from the timing to the table setting, from the entertainment to the attention to be given to guests. From the church to the villa everything was perfect… In short she made me a carefree and quiet bride and I had to just enjoy the day! And I had many compliments! Thank you!