1. ADVICE, SUGGESTIONS AND GUIDANCE - Bridesmaids are very important. The most important of their maid of honor duties is advising you on your wedding. You will, as the bride, likely be in charge of arranging everything [men are useless, we know]! If this is the case, then having your best friend by your side as your bridesmaid to offer advice and guidance is just what you need. They can advise on things you may want to change and can tell you if you are doing too much and need a break.
  2. SUPPORT - Not only are bridesmaids good at offering advice, but they are good at offering support too. A wedding is an angst-provoking occasion. For the rest of your life, you will be tied down to a single person, and while for many, that is not a matter of concern, for others, it is terrifying. Your bridesmaids can help to settle you down and reaffirm that this is what you want [if it is what you want]. Bridesmaids are the most important support network you can have at the time of your wedding.
  3. PLANNING - Bridesmaids can be very important in the planning process. During the wedding planning process, you may find yourself stressed out and unable to plan properly. Your bridesmaids, who likely know you better than anyone else, will be able to plan according to what you would want if you were not freaking out. Bridesmaids are a great thing to have for they can help you plan your wedding. Your bridesmaids will, you will find, be a great asset throughout your wedding because of this and the other things mentioned.
  4. FRIENDSHIP - When you are making memories that will last a lifetime, it’s always great to have your best friends with you. Having your best friends at your wedding is something you will never forget and they will serve to make the day a million times better. Friendship is something that is so important and, on a wedding, the day can be made so much better. Sharing intimate experiences like your wedding with your friends is a great way to forge stronger bonds and to create memories that’ll last a lifetime and will be remembered well into your old age. In our modern world, we find ourselves estranged from those that we love and we find ourselves tied down with work and unable to spend time with our friends. During your wedding, however, it’ll be like the good old days and you and all of your friends will be able to spend time together.
  5. GIFT - Who can give better gifts than your best friends? While on your wedding you may receive a lot of gifts, many of them will be things you would never buy yourself or would have never considered buying. On your wedding day, your friends will be able to get you gifts that you actually want and that you adore. If you do not have bridesmaids, you’ll be losing out on some awesome gifts, we assure you. Your bridesmaids can select and choose things they know personally that you will adore and enjoy.
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