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I’m Ester Chianelli, Wedding Planner & Designer. Over the past 15 years I have designed and planned bespoke weddings all over Italy, with a particular focus on the famous Isle of Capri and the stunningly beautiful Amalfi Coast. I have always had a passion for beauty and a creative spirit. After a short career as a video journalist and travel correspondent – which helped me improve my English – I focused my sights on realizing my true dream and started my own agency in order to create events in a way that no one else in Italy could. I saw a need in the Italian wedding industry and knew that I was the perfect person to help fill the gap.

Over the years, I have been able to create an extensive portfolio of extraordinary events and have created a network of trusted vendors and partners. My creativity, positive approach to life, and enthusiasm for creating unforgettable moments have made me a respected leader in the wedding industry. I am humbled to be considered among the most revered and sought after event planners in Italy. I also teach wedding planning courses in several Wedding Academies. My aim is to instil in budding wedding planners a sense of passion, professionalism and dedication to the wonderful work that we get to do.

My familiarity with the English language and the fact that I’m located in the most sought-after destination wedding location in the world, have given me the opportunity to design and organize destination weddings that make dreams come true for couples wanting the iconic Amalfi Coast Wedding!

All my events are unique, authentic and highly personalized. My style is a fusion of simplicity, elegance and innovation. I love to cultivate trust and deep relationships with the couples that I work with so that we can happily work together with only the best of vibes between us!


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Growing up in Caserta, I always had a passion for creativity and self expression. Even though I pursued a degree in law, I counterbalanced my rigorous studies with creative endeavours like playing the piano, learning a new language, or travelling to a new place. I love art, beauty, style and anything that glitters and shines.

It took me a while to find a professional environment that was the right fit but as soon as I met Ester, I instantly knew that we had to work together. I listened to my intuition, and here we are - the dynamic duo! She has been my mentor and her guidance has helped me grow and mature into the event planning professional that I am today. Over the years I have gone from intern, to employee, and am now her right hand. 

I am an aesthete by nature, and being a wedding planner gives me the opportunity to be creative, explore new places and meet new people. My superpower is my maniacal attention to detail, which I combine with diplomacy and the ability to stay calm while solving complex problems under pressure. I thrive in challenging circumstances and I love the unexpected (almost as much as I love good, healthy food).


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My story is not too dissimilar from Alessandra. I grew up in Caserta as the youngest of three siblings (yes, I’m still considered the baby in the family). I love spending time in nature, particularly while alpine skiing and trekking. My happy place is in the forest and nothing makes me happier than discovering new forest paths. I studied engineering because I like math, but over the years I started to feel like something was missing. I decided to try something totally new and took a wedding planning course in Milan. I enjoyed the course but didn't have a clear idea of what career path I would pursue until I had a chance to work with Ester. I started off as an intern and then became a fully-fledged member of the team. I am a motivated self-starter who loves a challenge so working with our team has allowed me to channel my energy into a dynamic and constantly evolving profession. I have thrived in the collaborative and innovative environment that our team has created.

I love challenges and won’t rest until I’m able to successfully solve a problem. I am also an organization enthusiast who can get a bit maniacal about creating a solid “To Do” List. I love fashion and genuinely believe in the power of retail therapy, especially when it comes to shoes! As Carrie Bradshaw would say, "so many shoes, and only two feet."


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I’m Dario, class 1978.

I have a Law degree but I always worked as a jeweler. I create bespoke items with whome I transfer my feelings to the customer. I found the same sensation in the wedding planning world. My passion for this job has increased after meeting Ester.

The thing I like the most is the research of details that make the difference for an event. I love the teamwork and I consider myself really lucky for doing it with great people.

Serenity is one of my qualities, in this job unexpected events are always around the corner. It’s necessary to never be in panic.

I love the ocean and I consider myself very lucky for working in places where the coast of our country creates marvelous scenarios for the events produced by our agency.


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I was born in 1997, and I’m Gemini. I’m curios, I always look at the details, and I’m always looking for new incitements.

I had been always following new job experiences because I’m multifaceted.

I studied Investigation Science and I have been a content creator for a clothes shop. 

I loved both these worlds but I always felt that my professional life was somewhere else.

This was the reason why I started to attend an Event management and wedding planner course in a Technical school.

One of my teachers was Ester and after few months I had the chance to work with her. I began as a trainee and then as an effective team member.

Doing this job I can always be creative  and dynamic and I have always new reasons to improve myself.

I’m a skincare addicted, I love everything that is light blue colored.

I love pasta and all its shapes and all its seasonings. Pasta is like the black color, it fits perfectly everywhere.


Corso Vittorio Emanuele 166/a – 80121 Napoli

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