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Ester Chianelli

Founder & Chief Wedding Planner


My name is Ester and I was born in Naples during the summer of 1982. I lived in three different Italian cities until I was 9, and have been in Napoli ever since. That’s why I can simulate at least five different Italian accents! I graduated with a degree in Marine Biology, but deep in my soul I felt an artistic talent that started thanks to my experience as a television journalist. I left the field of marine biology at the age of 23 to devote myself to this calling.

As a television correspondent, I’ve traveled to more than 30 countries, filling my luggage with traditions and customs from every part of the globe, as well as improving my relationship with foreign languages. As a young woman, I entered the world of events thanks to the relationship with my first employer. Through him, I was catapulted into this beautiful world and was so fascinated by it, that I dreamed of making it my life’s work.

After a few years, having created a dense network of contacts using my personality, creativity and positive approach, I took my first steps into the world of weddings, and in a few years, I became a well-known Italian wedding planner.

I’m proud to create authentic and highly personalized events for you. My style is characterized by simplicity, elegance, sophistication and innovation, but also by the empathy, trust and harmony that create with my beloved couples!



I couldn’t go anywhere alone! Nothing of what you see could be done with just two hands and one brain.
Alessandra and the girls working for me have a fundamental role.

Alessandra Silenziario Wedding Planner & Event Coordinator

Alessandra Silenziario

Wedding Planner & Event Coordinator

I was born in Caserta in the summer of 1983. Despite having done a classicist and juridical studies, I’ve always felt a strong urgency to express myself in all activities that required creativity and inspiration. And it’s on the edge of these emotional needs, rather than professional ones, that I’ve always tried to balance my hard course of studies with totally different activities: study of the piano, knowledge of other languages and countless journeys. I love art, beauty and believe everything has style. I love everything that shines.

It took me a while to find someone whose “vibe” I connected with. Then, along came Ester. We clicked immediately and knew we’d work well together, and so it was. She is my teacher. I owe my development to her, her advice and example. And today, after being an intern and employee, I’m her right hand woman.

I am an aesthete by nature, and my job gives me the opportunity to be creative, explore new places and meet new people. I’m a loyal person who says what she means and means what she says. But you can be sure of this: I am a perfectionist, almost to the point of mania! I balance this characteristic with good diplomacy and an attitude that helps me solve problems under stress. I like
challenging situations and I love the unexpected— almost as much as good, healthy food!

Serena Esposito Event Coordinator

Serena Esposito

Event Coordinator

I was born in Naples, on Friday the 13th 1989 and superstition be damn, I belive it’s a very lucky day!
I grow up surrender by hills and vineyards in a small town in Piedmont, but with the sea in my heart that always pull me back. A law degree to follow my brain and endless passions to indulge my true creative nature, outgoing and over the top: writing, calligraphy, singing, theatre, even animation at vacation resorts! Afflicted with borderline obsessive compulsive disorder ever since childhood, I hate imperfections, asymmetry and approximation.
I admit to being immoderately inclined to emotion: the fame of my tears I fear precedes me! I love the news and the changes of course and that’s how I get to Ester; the course, the internship and a series of curious coincidences lead me to become her assistant. Hence the awareness that attention to beautiful and harmonious things, precision, an extreme search for order and sensitivity could all flow into one work, in the place that most of all in the world I feel as a home.
Sometimes the road to happiness makes huge turns and then take us back to the starting point… so here I am.

Piera Raimondi Event Coordinator

Piera Raimondi

Event Coordinator

I was born in Napoli on September 27, 1981. I studied at the Ecole Française de Naples until the junior high school so I have a vocation for foreign languages and that’s why I can’t tolerate people who don’t know other languages but still insist on using them (especially on social networks). Since I’m from Napoli I couldn’t help but be a stubborn Napoli football team supporter even though I wish I could leave my city and live in New York.
That’s where I met Ester again: when she saw the Marc Jacobs bag I bought half price we understood that we were soul mates. I’m the “Event Coordinator”, a role which is tailor made for me since I used to work for many years in the organization of different kinds of events (meetings, press conferences, festivals, workshops) but I wanted to challenge myself with something more “emotional”.
I’m Ester’s right-hand man, I coordinate the logistics of the events and I manage the staff, in short I’m the “pain in the neck” of all the members of the team. But our “professional wedding” works perfectly.

Irene Wedding Planner Assistant

Irene Vittoria Fracassi

Wedding Planner Assistant

I was born in Caserta in the spring of 1989, the youngest three siblings—today, I am still the little one at home! I’m a fan of alpine skiing and trekking. I love nature and discovering new forest paths is part of my lifestyle. I studied engineering because I enjoy math, but over the years I felt I needed something else. So I decided to embark on a totally different experience: a wedding planner training course in Milan. I didn’t get a clear idea until I had a chance to work with Ester, first with an internship, and then as an effective team member. Working with a team like ours is an ever-changing source of wonder.

I’ve discovered this job is dynamic, constantly evolving and practically perfect for an overachiever like me! Teamwork and its pragmatism are elements I’ve always sought in my life. I love challenges, and I won’t give up until I solve the problem. I love everything that requires specific organization, almost to the point of manic when I write my “to do lists.” I love fashion and I strongly support the theory of retail therapy, especially when it comes to shoes! As Carrie Bradshaw would say, “So many shoes, and only two feet.”


Our Girls

They maybe look delicate and young, fragile apparently, but the girls working with me are full of energy and are strong as rocks.
They run, jump and climb, they knot ribbons, they defy temperatures and do anything to help me to realize your event, exactly how you dreamt it. And they always do it with a smile!