Lighting Designer for the perfect wedding’s atmosphere!

To day I want to tell you about one of : Lighting Designer 

It will happen you also to go to a wedding or a party and came home, one that is stuck in my mind was the atmosphere… Well, if you enjoyed intimate that air, or that touch of glamor around you must the right choice of lights!

Oh yes, the lights! They are not at all simple to install and to create the right atmosphere you need a great knowledge of both that space instruments. You can not put three little lights in the corner and hope to have created the choreography that you had in mind! There are lots of intensity, brightness, colors and tools that help us event planner to ensure a successful event. But we are never alone, next to us there must always be the lighting designer, who throughout the evening will be our accomplices so that everything is illuminated as set!

1. Intimacy

It’s important that your guests feel at home, welcomed and pampered! If we make them sit under cold neon or simple light bulbs we will not succeed at all in this endeavor. But if we light up the room in the right places, reasonably and helping us with the delicate light of the candles, everything will be perfect!

2. Surprise

Many times there are completely anonymous points that if lit properly, will become the most important points of your events! Dare with the most vivid colors, or create the sets with the help of Lighting Designers! Your friends will be impressed!

3. Don’t forget

Lights from below, lights from behind and lights from far away! Never do place the lights at head height! Not only your guests will be blinded, but your photographers hate you! Remember to always illuminate the cake, the bride and groom from a distance in front and behind, perhaps with a colored spotlight. The effect will be super glamorous. Always seek advice from specialists, never do it yourself, you risk only make a mess without reaching the goal! 

The lighting designers are more and more, but there are very few good!
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