4 Steps for your perfect wedding day

You won’t have to worry about criticism from your friends and invited if you follow these 4 steps to make your  perfect wedding day!

The guests are never happy to receive an invitation to a wedding: “too far”, “who knows how we’re going to be late”, “usually gets boring …” but if your will prove to be the perfect weddin day no criticism can tarnish your day! From the beginning try  to not neglect them and you will see that you will start on the right foot!

1. Semplify the arrival

Try to limit travel as much as possible. If you live in town and want to get married at sea, not tie yourselves too the idea to perform the ceremony in town … It would be advisable to carry out everything within a few km if no meters! The guests appreciate the convenience of your choice. And if the place you choose is a little hard to reach, help your guests with a wedding website and maybe maps from your invitation!

2. Rhythm

Keep these people ever get bored with such as long and grueling appetizers or hours and hours of dinner! The music there always has to be, but some twist may already have a good start! Performances, speeches, flash mob … you can invent all kinds!

3. Take care of all

Don’t neglect the older if you are a young couple who wants to dance to the beat of music all night … Try to involve them too! Hire a group that before to unleash in wild dances with contemporary music could dedicate the first part to the revival … So really everyone will say that yours was a perfect wedding day!

4. Be your Self

There is nothing more beautiful than to hear telling an invited “this marriage is like you!”. Means that talks about you, your guests could to breathe your essence. Means that is your is a perfect wedding day!
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