Wedding Proposal 5 best tips!

5 tips for your perfect wedding proposal!

Christmas is coming and everyone become romantic! Usually in this period more than one are planning to make his wedding proposal, perhaps as Christmas gift… Following this 5 steps, you will be sure to receive a big “Yes, I do”!

1 parents

It may seem a bit retro, but it is a habit well appreciated! Obviously, the future promise must know nothing of your intentions! Organize a meeting alone with the bride’s parents, and as in years gone by “ask the hand” of your beloved. It will be one more thing to tell the children, as well as being a gesture super romantic!

2 surprise

You don’t need me explain! Organize an unforgettable evening, with an original idea, to tears impress your partner. There is no set rule, every bride will have special tastes and you will have to stake everything on the surprise.

3 manicure

Found a good excuse to send your girlfriend to make a beautiful manicure … get help from her mother, her sister, the best friend … she will appreciate really much you have also taken care of this detail: being  unprepared for such a moment of the wedding proposal may be unpleasant!

4 pictures

It might seem unnatural, but if well planned will be a crucial reminder of your history. It is not necessary that anyone who captures both an obvious presence… Make hide your photographer well … Then once you had, he will come out and finish the photo shoot, which will result deeply true!

5 kneel

proposta_di_matrimonio 1Without any doubt is the most known and romantic gesture ever! You know another way to make a wedding proposal?
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