Succulents for a Tropical wedding!

The name evokes something pleasant. Succulents. Full, juicy, soft. Succulent plants are the undisputed trend this 2016, and those who follow the overseas trend, not only in bed but also the theme of fashion design, will not have them get away!

For months the tropical design is going crazy of all of the cities shelves.
succulent_gold_greenHowever, we must be able to measure well the succulent, knowing when to choose them, match them and position them. Here are 4 tips to avoid mistakes:

1. Type

We are not talking of succulents, no! thorns nothing to spoil your love, nothing that evokes the arid and hot environments. No! Succulents are plants that love the tropical environments. They are full of water, so very fresh and harmonious. choose it in different sizes to make your harmonic compositions. Accostatele to orchids, singapore and banana and monstera leaves and clearly the peonies!

2. Quantity

As they also exist very big try to avoid, as we always say, the excesses! Work with the percentages on the different dimensions, keeping in mind that the greater part will be occupied by tropical flowers and foliage.

3. Where

After studying the environment and realized that you can use the answer is one: EVERYWHERE! On the hair, in the compositions, as a placeholder, such as escort cards, on the cake! They are perfect anywhere and have the great advantage of having a reserve of domestic water that does not wither even if severed. A grand comfort with the scorching heat of summer. Obviously if you are in a country guest house or in a medieval castle, the succulents will not go well!

4. Style

Joined to the second year trend, which we have already spoken in the article dedicated to gold, you’ll definitely BINGO! Remembering not to overdo it, you will be the most original of all!
succulent_cakeAre you ready to dare and to embrace this style for next year?

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