Golden Wedding? Is the ultimate wedding trend!!

The real trend of 2016 is the most desired item by women, sparkling and bright! I’m not speaking about diamonds, but obviously of the gold!

The gold will be everywhere, on the table, in the shareholdings in the pots! Gold can be cutlery, place-mats and menus, the wax lacquer to close your invitations or the initials of your names!

So, for an authentic golden wedding, you will not forget any detail! But it’s important not to overdo it, so I would like to leave you some advises:

1. Gold&Friends

Pair it with the right colors! For example, to blue, dusty rose, white gold which will guarantee a perfect wedding! Careful dose it well with red, would be too Bollywood! No gold with fuchsia or green apple or my green hated tiffany!

2. Quantity

Measure the amount of gold may cost you dearly! Not because it has a high cost but excess has always counterproductive and would make your setting up gaudy rather than elegant!

3. Location

Not weighed down a location if it is already very full of ornaments and decorations, then studied the room well. While in a location with minimalist design would be preferable to comply with clean lines. Each location needs to be enhanced with the right style, but gold can always be … just know how to use it!

With these little tips you can shine and let the heat from the light of gold! Are you ready?
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