Wedding Favors: pick the best one!

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Among all the people you’d be thanking after your big day, your guests top the list. Yes, it’s only right that you thank your sponsors and the vendors you’ve hired to make your wedding ceremony successful; but the guests who took the time to come are obviously deserving of your appreciation. They’re the most important part of the ceremony (well, at least apart from the groom and bride). With this said, it’s a must for you to make sure that they won’t only have a good time throughout the day but that they’ll leave with beautiful memories and the best wedding favors on hand. So if you need wedding favor ideas that don’t suck, here are five tips to help you make the right decision.

1. Give your guests favors that they’ll keep.

Wedding favors can also act as souvenirs for your wedding. If you want a favor that’s not edible, the good news is the choices you can pick from are endless. To avoid being overwhelmed, stick to favors that your guests can keep with them wherever they go, or something that they can display in their homes. This way, when they see it, they’ll remember your big day and appreciate your beautiful souvenir.

2. Consider the wedding venue.

Are you going to tie the knot at a beach or in a garden? Depending on where you’ll be saying “I do,” give wedding favors that your guests will find useful while they join you in your celebration. For example, if your wedding will be in the beach under the hot summer weather, give them stylish but functional hand fans so they can keep themselves cool. You can also hand out sunglasses to keep their eyes protected. If you’re having a mountain wedding during the cold months, hand or neck warmers as wedding favors will be perfect!

3. Pick according to your wedding theme.

Think about the color palette and other key elements that was set for your wedding ceremony and reception decor. The colors of the wedding favors do not have to be exactly similar as those of the wedding theme but they should at least complement it so they’ll look well-coordinated (and easy on the eyes of everyone).

4. Go DIY.

If you still have the time and energy to make personalized wedding favors or you have reinforcements who are willing to make your dream wedding favors happen, then go DIY. Be original and creative. More importantly, remember to come up with favors that will reflect your personality while being interesting to your wedding guests.

5. Keep it sweet!

Edible wedding favors never go out of style. If you end up deciding to give your guests something sweet, cookies and cupcakes with custom designs never fail to put a smile on your guests’ faces. Just remember that not all of them may be eating it due to health conditions so have something set aside for those who can’t get a taste.

Don’t break the bank just to impress your guests with your wedding favors. Remember, it’s the thought that counts! And as long as your wedding favors are well-thought of and meaningful, they’ll surely be well-received by the most important people who witnessed your big day.

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