Flower Girl: so sweet!

I love the Flower Girl! Is there anything more tender than a beautiful babygirl that precedes a wedding altar? Maybe not yet adept at walking, with little steps clumsy and bewildered gaze of those who wonder “but they want all these people staring at me”, unaware of being able to unleash the general commotion in the church and rivers of tears!

Once one of my bride has made me laugh because he asked me if we could “rent” a Flower Girl, so much the desire to see them parading before her! Obviously she was joking, but I think in his heart she hoped that I said yes …flowergirl_1 flowergirl_2 flowergirl_3 flowergirl_4 flowergirl_5 flowergirl_6 flowergirl_7

I recommend to not forget to follow some small simple rules


A tiny Flower Girl will be tender, but it could create some discomfort in the parade, could seek her mother and burst into tears in the middle of the parade, or refuse to walk! always Scegliemole over 2 years!


From one up to a maximum of 5, maybe all of different ages so that they can be arrange in ascending order, age and heights! We do not make the football team !!! Too much confusion creates problems, the bride gets nervous and a moment that had to be “unique” turns into a tragedy!


Baby Girls are and must remain so … NO to mini wedding dresses, that would be in bad taste, simple dresses, little belts embellished with contrasting fabric or floral, crowns, shoes, perfect ones with the little eyes! I love them with tulle skirts, with curls and wreaths on the head!


make a “Flower Girl rehearsal” before the big day to ensure an almost perfect choreography. Thanks to their natural clumsiness the result will not be perfect and tenderness effect will come out if! Are girls, not robots!

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