Bridezilla: are you or not?

Let us tell the truth … we were all a bit Bridezilla … we had all some little problems that seemed insurmountable before the wedding, but now in hindsight look like nonsense … Really… There is a small bridezilla in all of us!


But let’s go with order. First of all let me tell you who’s a Bridezilla, then we will try to identify the causes and finally we’ll try to not fall into the trap, then … you’re wondering if you are, you still have time to run for cover!

what means?

The word “bridezilla” is a portmanteau combining bride with the fictional rampaging beast “Godzilla” to indicate a difficult bride. We know, brides are all some knuckleheads and they feel under stress, but some of them don’t know how to handle it or pretend–saw that they marry–that all the attention being devoted to them only. And don’t of course with tones and ingratiating such kindness.


How to recognize SHE

The Bridezilla is well camouflaged, looks like a bride excited and dreamy. But it comes out easily at first NO. Any NO. For the Bridezilla NO doesn’t exist. Some pretend not to understand its meaning flying over just about the issue, but for others it is like Kryptonite to Superman. They rage, they become black and blue and red and before you know, they are accusing you to be ruining their marriage! Whoever you are: the wedding planner? The hairdresser? The florist? The neighbor? The cat? The phrase is always: “because of you, my marriage is ruined forever, forever! FOR – EVA!”.

There are two categories of Bridezilla: standard and superior. The former are very stressed and worried, restless, perhaps for the emotion of the day, or for their nature are apprehensive. But still maintain a certain aplomb and does not transcend ever. This is the most frequent, repeat, almost all brides are little bit bridezilla standard. Especially those who take particular to this day dreaming since I was a teenager. The latter are the terror of the organizers, suppliers, workshops and family! The acknowledge to km away with their big and sparkler, and shining engagment ring, they appeared lucid and defiant throwing open doors and banging doors! They know everything, they want everything, and coordinate everything. They are the wedding planner’s worst nightmare (and all providers) and their claims always begin with “I want” and never with “I would”!

How to avoid to be a bridezilla

First scale the problem! You’re getting married, it’s not the end of the world! Everything has to be perfect, but try to accept the compromises with greater tolerance. Moreover you are getting married, and you will have to compromise more often than you think …

Delegate: this is the second most used word in my blog (after budget). If you only learn to understand how wonderful it’s to know how to delegate, once started you never come back! Especially if you choose a wedding planner … Otherwise why spend some money and then having to do everything by yourself?

Relax: I suggest real relaxing like a massage or a yoga class! But who is a “Zilla” in character sadly must just try to contain your anger and try to understand that the true author of a possible disaster to your wedding is only her!


How to defend from a Bridezilla

Very easy! Become a something-Zilla! Momazilla? Dadzilla? Plannerzilla? Come in face to face to who seems to be doing just the whims! Say no, maybe trying to motivate your no with real impediments. The Bridezilla may also deny the evidence, but it’s still a thinking person! But the best advice is to get an ally! The groom? The mom? The best friend? If you have a person close to the bride from yours, it’s done!

Then? you were going to become a Bridezilla? We have averted the danger? Be ironic and try to get more allies than enemies, is your unforgettable day, make also for all those who live with you is a day to wait with excitement and not as something to take off the front foot!

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