The wedding 5 senses

To make a unique wedding must look at many aspects and never underestimate anything. But the most important thing to keep in mind are the emotions. Those that the couple will give its guests, thanks to the love that without realizing it exude from their every look, movement, word and deed. But the wedding planner job is to bring out even more of these emotions by exploiting what we all know as the 5 senses. The rest we get excited, with a look, a touch, a smell, a food or a music … because having tascurare the most important day?

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The easiest of the 5 senses to be represented at a wedding! With the help of the flowers, the decorations, the sets, the details that go into creating a harmonious landscape to look at, the first of the senses is more than satisfied! The first look is the first emotion!

2. smell

Sometimes the memory of a perfume evokes distant memories forgotten. At a wedding you can play with the smells: the environments are often scented with essential oils or fragrance that are related to memories. Scented invitations so then the guests will follow in search of their memories…

3. Hearing

Nothing excites more than a beautiful melody … strings playing at sunset, a jazz band that colors flashes of the atmosphere of the aperitif. Music disc to lash the wild dancing! It can never without music!

4. touch

The most difficult of the 5 senses to be reported at a ceremony, but certainly the most precious. Valuable papers and worked by expert hands, will have to be choices for investments. exclusive materials adorn the halls, the gazebo and the settings of your wedding. Fine silks, embroidered lace, ruffles foamy soft fabric, will wrap the star of the wedding!

5. taste

Here you can not go wrong … the food! Every self-respecting marriage must have its banquet and the food has to be the ultimate expression of taste! delicious banquets, large and delicious! Conquer the palate of a guest is a big challenge, but it will be an emotion that will remember forever!

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