Boutonniere – Groom’s bouquet

Even the groom has to take care of their image and it must also take care of the choice of accessories. Boutonniere is one of those that should never miss! Some spouses do not even know that it exists and therefore ignore the boutonniere should be applied at a specific point of the jacket and to be chosen by the criteria. How about to find out what the right directives to choose it without running the risk of being wrong?

1. position

One time was applied at the buttonhole of the suite, now is not necessary the presence of the hole as some more trendy clothes do not wear it anymore, but that does not mean you shouldn’t have your boutonniere! Place it on the left lapel to four fingers from the collarbone. Following this rule certainly can not go wrong!

2. size

NOT DISPROPORTIONATE! Are horrible boutonniere too large and it seems that has not been studied, but it was a flower taken at random and placed there, without much care. Choose it according to your size (body size) and keeping up on the minimal, that never out of place!

3. pandane

The ideal would be to re-create the bride’s bouquet miniature (mini mini mini), but it is an almost impossible task! But it must look like! The style must be the same as the bouquet, or the equipment installed on the rest of the church.

4. elegance

Avoid glitter, feathers, crystals and other trinkets. It always though boys and boutonniere should not seem like a brooch Women!

There may also be interested to know that boutonniere is wearing by the groom, bests men and fathers of the couple. If you wish to also wear it to other people who are important to you, you can do it, but the most important are the first that I have listed. And now … the choice is yours!

bottoniera_bohochic pandane_bride_groom minimal_boutonniere pandane_bouquet_boutonniere pandane_bride_groom rustic_boutonniere

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