The bride’s changing dress

For some brides is unthinkable, for others it is a must. The bride’s changing dress elicits mixed feelings and mixed reactions. But since you are always all, today we’ll talk about this! The bride’s changing dress, like every other aspect of marriage, all organized perfectly. In fact should not be passed unobserved and must take place at a specific time, which you will orchestrate to perfection! But since it is not yet so widespread we want to help you get some clarity on the highlights!

1. When?

Before or after the cake? during dinner? Whatever the moment, must be a blatant! I always recommend to disappear after the cake and return with a new look, from hair to shoes! The success is guaranteed and you can enjoy the fun part of your wedding in a more carefree and less “casted”.

2. How?

Accompanied by a music in particular, which underlines the change! The dj or band leader would announce you with a triumphal music and give it the begin of the party!

3. What?

Cheeky short? Long but romantic? Adhering to the femme fatale? Elegant jumpsuit? They all go fine, but choose something that makes you feel at ease, and I recommend to shoes! We must not think only ballet shoes or sandals … sometimes even of altrissimi heels 12 can be comfortable!

4. Why?

Because it puts you in a service-minded staff to choose another dress, to have another look and not having to give up a look that you like but for the ceremony doesn’t fit!
Cambio_abito_sposa jumpsuite_bride_second_dress mini_dress_sposa tuta_secondo_abito_sposa

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