Guests Dress Code: 4 steps to have the perfect guests dress!

Women, let’s face it, the hardest part for a invited to a wedding is one … The choice of the dress for the occasion! Will be undecided on the color, the length, the fabric, the pattern, the neckline … Do not you want to dare not to show off, but do not want to even go through anonymous. And practically never, as if it were a universal law and essential, you will wear a dress already put to another wedding!

We begin to downsize the problem and we try to follow the rules, which can also be broken, no one will tax for this, just maybe some fussy-friend .

We already talked about dress code in a previous post, but it was a speech more generic events, or social evenings and Gala. But a wedding then? What shall I wear? It is not an elegant event? Long will be fine?

First things first, and try to help all those women who do not know where to start:


NO to Black, too serious and funeral, the Withe, I need not explain why, but I hope the good taste to intervene to enlighten those who decide to wear white to a wedding, and the Purple, for the most superstitious.

YES to all the other colors of the rainbow he has given us! It All! Even the red … that some time ago was classified as a color no. Now rages at weddings coral red!

Even in winter, avoid the black, I know it is difficult, but there are blue, green, burgundy and gray, if you want to keep on the classic. But the mustard, persimmon, old rose … There are many ways to avoid the black, I assure you!

Dress Model Shape

COCKTAIL dress. Not too long nor too short. The dress that represents the elegance. You can catch any kind of fabric, choosing according to the season in which the wedding will be held. Chiffon, Taffta Silk, Shantung, Lace … and any other!

NO long dress, although it seems to be all the rage wear it at weddings … Unfortunately it is not as chic as you imagine. But hardly able to change his mind to the people on this topic … Admitted only for the bridesmaids!


You love the caps or special hairstyles? Would you like to feel like one of the guests of one of the Royal Wedding that you see on TV? Well, if the wedding is the day you can give free rein to your imagination! But if the wedding will be in the afternoon, leave at home the trappings and opt for a different hairstyle!

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