Groom’s Tasks: something to do (or don’t forget) the day before the wedding!

We always cater to brides because, as we have repeated as a mantra, marriage is WOMAN affair! And this means that you have very little to do with the groom. But to my surprise I found out that my blog has a large following of boys. In fact, lately thereis happening to have to do a lot more with the male part then the female. The trends are reversing, and here we are dealing with men who wish to be “educated” to perfection for the great day!

Hence the groom’s tasks, small but important things that has to play or just to remember before the big day!

1. The Rings

One of the more important groom’s tasks is to bring the rings to the church. After his arrival there will be someone to entrust, a friend, a relative or a wedding planner, that settle on the ring’s pillow. If you want to entrust it to a friend who is very trustworthy be sure that this is a really close friend… Marriage might not start in the best way!

2. The suite

 I know that you will remember the shirt you, but you’ll have to check that it is ironed and  collar and cuffs are well starched! Especially if you marry out, and then your suite has undergone some problem in the transfer… I happened to wait clumsy grooms in the past…

3. The church

Remember to call the church a few days before to remember your wedding, schedule and opening the portal for the arrival of the florist. Obviously if you have a wedding planner she will do for you, but you always have to announce her arrival.

4. THE Gift

Is a tradition that the bride receives a gift from the groom at the wedding day, accompanied by a note, a letter or a small dedication. The important thing is that it is done with your heart … One of the most popular gifts is the bouquet, when there are traditions to be respected.

5. Il viaggio di nozze

Remember to confirm flights to check in and store luggage for the departure! And if you do not leave immediately, remember to do it in the future! Women love to leave this detail in the hands of her man!

6.The Payments

On the evening of the wedding you’ll have to make all payments that remain, unless facades them with a transfer. But at least remember to prepare the offer for the church … That’s your job and just you can go and deliver.

7. Toasts the night before!!

It is among the groom’s tasks but it is certainly the perfect way to release some tension… A glass of beer, a bit of wine or anything you like, as long as you do not exaggerate! The next day you have to be lucid and alert for a whole day, You do not want to spoil such an important day?

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