Bridal Bouquet: 4 tips to make the right choice!

There are those who want to round. There are those who want it all one color, those who want to mix. There are those who respect a theme and who wants it original and unique. Not too big, not too small, not too heavy. One thing is certain: none will get it! It is clear that we are talking about the  bridal BOUQUET!


This bridal bouquet, is a topic that should not be underestimated and future brides have clear ideas about what they want and how they want it! Almost all my brides come to me with an idea of how it will be their wedding bouquet. With photos in full size and thorough study of the meaning of flowers. And all this happens without you still chose the dress or the floral decoration of the entire wedding!


And unfortunately in some cases a cold shower is ready to awaken the brides, dreamy and romantic, which brings them back to reality! To choose the right bouquet is not something so simple… Don’t think to simplify the matter just to find a picture that you like and go. You have to take into several aspects that I will try to summarize below, but you can always ask your wedding planner or your florist.

1. Seasonality

If we choose to get married in December because we like the Christmas wedding or you remember the snows of the North, we abandon the idea of being able to get the bridal bouquet of white peonies that makes us both sigh. The flowers are delicate organisms outside of their seasonal nature, or there are no right or suffer to the point of being unpleasant to the eye as much as on the nose!

2. Lifetime

The bouquet must be durable and always swollen and his worst enemy is hot, so especially in the summer be careful what you choose. The heat does wither quickly cut flowers and for holding a bouquet for a whole day fresh and turgid choose flowers that can withstand the heat for several hours. There are also flowers that optimal temperatures unfortunately fail to endure so much so we’re careful not to choose those. We don’t want to show the pictures and realize that our flowers were to be cast?

3. Dimension

Do you want a small and delicate bouquet of lily of the Valley, but you’re tall 1.80 with broad shoulders and stocky build? Or are you a small thread-like, high-heeled bride 1.65 and you like the bouquet? Well, we knew that the thing does not go … The bouquet has a weight and a bride must be able to lead effortlessly and with ease … try not to overdo it though in no sense.

4. Tipology

EVER the flowers that stain! Those so much color or shades on or those with very large pistils. Of course the pistils can be removed, but the pollen could also fall on the petals and then stick to our dress. We want to have a candid white dress with unsightly yellowish spots here and there? Of course not!!!! There are those who are not Nazi-theme and then conceives a bouquet different from the rest of the decorations, while I like instead to think and propose different bouquet from and let them out. This is because in my opinion, as everything the bride wears and features, it is to be noted. Of course anything exaggeration (but that he understood himself), but can we afford to dare a little more.

What Bridal bouquet do you like ?bouquet_invernale bouquet_rose_indiano mughetto_bouquet peonie_gipsophila singapore_peonie_corallo_bouquet

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