5 ideas to make a funny wedding!

One of the major concerns of the newlyweds, after weather conditions and food, is the entertainment. It will be because sometimes marriages become too formal, maybe because the location does not always consent great freedom to make what you desire, or because the space is restricted, the fact is that the phrase that I would say is that it “should be a funny wedding”! There are many traditional ways to make it dynamic and engaging, for example, with live music or with real entertainment. But for those who want to be more original? Here are some ideas to make a funny wedding and full of novelties:

1. Team Bride and Team Groom


Separate your guests into two teams and involve them in some group play to do during dinner with quizzes, songs games and “the challenge of speeches”. The competition illuminates the minds and usually the men can not resist to a challenge! Distributed rosettes and do the photo to the photobooth with your signs! At the end of the day there will be no prize but your guests will think they have participated in a different wedding!

2. Detailed program of the day!

wedding_program_naturalOrganize a real program with the whole timeline of the day. Place fake moments, (the more boring the better) and finally surprised everyone with a twist ending kind of a super party Ibiza style with flying dancers and VIP DJ  set! The twists are the ones that leave stunned guests, will only repeat that to your wedding had fun.

3. #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag

Social rage and marriage more than ever! Spread a little everywhere the hashtag of your wedding, so any time of the marriage will be lost! Even the moments you never think to remember or perhaps it would be better to forget…

4. Be safe!

be_safeSince yours will be a fun wedding (actually super fun) but we must think of everything! Already usually at weddings it is exceeded with alcohol but since your friends will be taken from the moment of euphoria, lift a bit more elbow! So think well on their return: organized shuttles to the return! You will see your guests will thank you both for not drive outward and to have them brought back to home safely!

5. Hangover Kit

hangoverNot only we accompany them home, but we take care of them the next day! Take distribute to all the guests, especially those who go away to the mythical past Hangover Kit: a kit where you will find some analgesic, a purifying herbal tea, a vitamin supplement, a dry snacks, the mints and a relaxing mask… It’s something that the guests will like really much, guaranteed and proven to our last two marriages in 2015!

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