Spring Wedding: 5 tips to fall in love with HIM!

You’re still thinking about it? Are you not convinced that the spring wedding is the obvious choice could you have to do? With this last post you will no longer have any excuse and I am sure that next year will choose a very unusual date to celebrate your wedding!

1 location

No one in Italy is getting married in spring and you can choose the place you like, without compromise and without limitations! Is it a nice convenience? Instead of staying elbowing with other brides in the hope that someone cancels, you will choose your day without problems and without doubt!

2 Not to much hot, not to much cold!

And you can safely wear low-cut dresses, but ifwill the whether change, you can cover your dress with bodices with long sleeves! You will not have to fear that your guests will melt in the sun, or freezing up out of the church! The temperature will be perfect!

3 The day are longer

June 21th enters the summer and the days begin to get shorter! So why not take advantage? Light up late and ability to do it all more calmly!

4 Everybody will be there

In Summer time, mainly if you get married over the weekend, there is always the risk that some of your guests do not come because they could be engaged in other weddings. If you choose a different date from the usual, there isn’t that risk and you can celebrate with everyone, absolutely all of your friends.

5 Be Original

Of course: you will be the first! it will be difficult to get it accepted by everyone, because you always prefer the summer season, but why not be original and launch this new trend? And given all advantages far listed you will know that you will have many other advantages over all that your friends can only dream!
spring_wedding Allora? Siete ancora scettici sul matrimonio primaverile o vi abbiamo convinti?

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