Bride’s Father: 5 tips to involve him!

The organization of a marriage, you know, is a matter between mother and daughter. TActually is the only person with whom you can always talk about the same topic for months and months at a time without risking being sent to hell! And moms love to be involved!

But do not forget that an important role is also of the bride’s father! The most excited of the day will definitely him!

The spouses will be excited, but will also be hopelessly overwhelmed by the thousand things to come; the mother of the bride will be the undisputed star just after the bride and groom, the one who will handle the latest phases of the organization and in the absence of wedding planner, will become the organizer to fear.

The bride’s father instead will just excited! And is a condition which starts at the moment in which you communicate that you are getting married and will end only after a few days of marriage.

But in all these months, the bride’s father what will do? Do you will make him a sharer of your choices? Do you ask him some special task before the big day? We know you will do everything to pampered the happiest brides in the world and they will pay salty accounts just to see you smile, but how important is the father during the organization of the wedding?

So, in order not to make him believe that there just to pay your whims, here are some suggestions to make it even happier:

1 Say yes to the Dress with him

Not for every fitting, but only for the decisive one! Take him with you in the atelier, and together with the one that makes you dreamy try another pair, eventually he will choose what you like, but it will seem that him was the ground state in the final choice!

2 Going around the city

You will have a thousand things to do and definitely will not be able to complete all the services you have in mind to do before the wedding. What better help than of your dad? Ask him to attend to some simple thing, but let him know that only he can accomplish that task and that without him you would be lost!

3 Invitation list

You always have to involve dads on the guest list! You will be surprise a lot when you will find that they are much more practical than what you thought! And the result will be that to your wedding there will be only nice people!

4 Dinner taste

With the food the men are always a bit more demanding of women, as well as in the choice of wine. Bring two dads to test the dinner together and established flow rates. They will feel both involved and decisive!

5 First dance

As a final gift cut him the first dance of the evening! It will be your icing on the cake for him. A gift he will never forget!
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