Scenographic Top Table

Almost all brides when we talk about the Top Table are plenty of doubts because of some myths related to this. For example, they tell me that this kind of set up does not favor the aggregation of guests, it seems to be too complicated place because they need to provide for the allocation of the registered place and it seems that it takes up too much space!

Of course we can not hope to be able to choose it in any situation, but if conditions allow, in my opinion is always a smart solution and if you read on you will realize you want it for your future wedding! 

Although the rule forbid that you shall choose for events or weddings with a small number of invited (to create more intimacy), I can guarantee that even with larger numbers the effect is wanderfull!

Scenically breathtaking and is well suited for both indoor spaces, such as in a large villa with spacious lounges and frescoes, or outdoor areas, such as spacious gardens, large terraces, and sea platforms. And do not believe that limits relations between guests… Compared to a round table there are the same chance to chat with whoever is in front of us, the skill must be of the spouses who must know how to fix the various guests at best! The photos then, will be the most original ever seen before … Not to mention the magical atmosphere that can be created with lights and candles to be placed on long tables!

So do not be influenced by myths, but exceeded with decorations, shapes and customizations! Your imperial table will leave everyone speechless!

Quasi tutte le spose quando si parla di Tavolo Imperiale, per quanto l’idea le alletti e le affascini, arricciano un po’ il naso per via di alcuni falsi miti a questo legati. Ad esempio mi dicono che questo genere di allestiemento non favorisce l’aggregazione tra commensali, pare che sia troppo complicato posizionare le persone perchè necessita di prevedere l’assegnazione del posto nominativa e pare che occupi troppo spazio!


Long_table_with_flowers_ Tavola_imperiale_castello tavolo_imperiale_a_ferro_cavallo_amalfi tavolo_imperiale_campagna tavolo_imperiale_maxi tavolo_imperiale_moderno


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