Engagement Ring: get inspired with the celebrities!

ll women love jewelry and  Marilyn Monroe argued, with good reason, that “diamonds are girl’s best friend” and perhaps she was not wrong! All we remain fascinated in front of huge diamonds and gemstones set in gold or Platinum rings and we always dream of being able to show off one at least once in your life! This remains a dream for the majority, but especially for the unlikely exploitability of such masterpieces! Imagine to go out in Naples (or Italy) with a diamond ring of 24 carat gold.

But dreaming costs nothing, we will continue to watch those few elected delight ourselves who can afford to wear the ring finger an extraordinary engagement ring , so here you can find a selection of the most talked-about rings of recent years!

The most envied of all in this century will forever remain the Duchess Kate Middleton. Her Sapphire and diamond engagement ring made eyes sparkle in the memory of the beautiful Princess Diana, and that she fit with the same elegance and class.
anello_middletonDelightful and elegant is what the sweet Brad Pitt gave one that repeatedly has been declared the most beautiful woman of the century Angelina Jolie. A baguette-cut diamond ring that looks like it was designed personally by the lovely Brad …
anello-jolieDo we have Pink diamonds ? The engagement ring that Ryan Reynolds gave to the beautiful Blake Lively, brings not only a precious pink diamond but also a diamond ring, not to miss anything!

An other mind-boggling ring is the one that easily shows the super socialite Kim Kardashian, about 3 million.

Previous wedding engagement ring, given to her by Kris Humphries for their marriage lasted just 72 days, was sold at auction.

J-Lo shows off his super gems with a little less classy but I doubt she’s keen on. Marc Anthony originality is expensive: here is a very rare Blue Diamond by Carat 4 8. 5 million.
Are you dazzled? I were you I would save something on the Iphone … never saied that your boyfriends need inspiration!

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