Wedding Trends 2016: what’s “IN” in this wedding season

With the new year we can not miss the post about new  Wedding Trends 2016! Some outlandish, others are confirmations of the previous year, yet others of curiosity … Are you ready?


Crop tops and discovered laced backs are certainly among the best known, but the real news are the lace pants for changing look!
bridal-leggingsAnd if you are stoves of the veil you can opt for the other new features in terms of fashion: the cape!
Cape-dress Layer-Love mantella_velo


We talked till you drop … I had anticipated and was confirmed: Serenity and Rose Quartz are the colors of the year! But as we can not have all marriages equal, and we like to explore with colors and tones we will reveal even more news: My favorite at the moment is the Lillac Grey, followed by Dusty Blue (similar to Serenity but dustier for in fact).
Dusty-Blue-Wedding-Color-Ideas Lilac-Grey-Light-Elegant-Wedding-Inspirationg


We drag the Boho Chic from 2015 that in the 2016 will be everywhere, I am sure. We had the great fortune to organize a magnificent one last year that gave us a way to create the atmosphere very relaxed, carefree and natural. The real trick in this style is in the lights … But know that 2016 also has plenty of room to the belle epoque …

Hair style

Braids, braids, braids… we have seen it in quantity … and this year we will see many more, although the trend is going back to the loose, with natural effect with a few strands collection, almost by accident.
hair_2016_wedding hair-carolina-herrera-spring2016


The Photo-reportage first of all! But the real must of the season is the book with  instagram effect! Especially if the wedding is Boho Chic, the lights are the right ones and the photographer knows how to make the most of the situation! Your photos will be romantic and warm!

What do you think of wedding trends in 2016? I’m sure many of you will feel more peaceful to have some choices for your wedding … but if you did you are always in time to fix it!

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