Spouses Tips: 5 steps to enjoy your wedding day!

Happy 2016 to everyone and welcome back to our wedding blog! We started the year with a good news … A all new SITE, with integrated BLOG! I could not be happier! The boys of Crop Studio were great, I not stress this enough. But the pleasantries ended, let us focus on the post today.

You might ask: “really ther is the risk of not enjoying your wedding day?” Well, yes! You could rely on the most talented professionals in the field, be aware that everything is in place, be sure that even the smallest detail is taken care of, but if you are the subject of a eager, unfortunately you will face your fate! It’s true that the wedding day is one of the most important experience in your life, a unique day have to be perfect … But, just because you hope to be unique, don’t ruin it because of anxiety!

Here are my tips to enjoy in peace the day of your wedding!

1. Don’t be too demanding

It’s understood that everything must be perfect, and even more so if you rely on a wedding planner, but unfortunately the unexpected is always around the corner! Make sure that the main things are as you want, that your “essential” are as you have requested. And if a small details has to be different, do not make a great tragedy, the important thing is that does not upset the whole event!

2. Enjoy the after ceremony

After all, the most important thing is that you tell the fateful “YES” … After what must be all downhill! The most important part is exceeded, the serious one, the institutional one, that could well be enough! The receipt must then be a great party! And you have to pass it on to your guests, otherwise you stiffen all and you will get the opposite effect!


3. A spouses alone moment 

It’s important, immediately after the ceremony, take a few moments alone with your partner. You have just made the most important step of your life and it is right that you look in the eye and tell you what has been exciting and unique. After you’re both more relaxed and in love!


4. Be free to the rules!

There are so many little rules that my brides want to impose their self, and in my opinion there is nothing more wrong! They should leave clear your mind and do what they want when they want it! No one will think badly of you, indeed! They will appreciate the way you deal with a day like challenging.


5. Toasts! 

I will not push you on the path of alcoholism, mind you! But a drop of alcohol in more will help you feel more loose and relaxed! We must pass on to their guests a feeling of light-heartedness. If the couple are relaxed so they are all around them, and it is fun!!

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