Winter Wedding Best Tips!

Imagine with me: a warm fire in a fireplace and wood burning accompanied his crackling.

Smell of freshly cooked chestnuts, hot chocolate with cinnamon and orange biscuits.

The castle walls and halls painted tapestries, ready to welcome the wedding. A large dining room where imposing a striking long table set with silverware and long embroidered tablecloths.

Candelabras illuminate the table, and all around there is an air of festivity. Hot lights to frame everything, make the atmosphere magical and intimate.

That anxiety – say – not even over the summer, the autumn has just begun and already speaks of winter weddings?

I don’t like to shorten the lives, but  there’s someone that, to the highly popular summer wedding, with its beautiful bright colors and outdoor spaces, prefers the warm and intimate atmosphere of a winter wedding. But when start to organize the wedding, will always pose the same question … which will be my wedding color?

With this selection of palette I think you can be more confident with the question … and I think even the most faithful to summer weddings change their minds!

Ps I’m planning a winter wedding for December … Guess which is my choice?

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