Wedding Dress: some tips before the fitting time!

Are you ready to talk about the most important thing for the brides?

The wedding dress is one of the key symbols of a marriage and the choice of the dress is a very important moment for a bride!

Some like to be accompanied by her friends, some brides goes there alone, someone underestimate some aspects … Today I’ll try to give you some tips to avoid mistakes and that you absolutely must know before you start searching for your wedding dress !

1. Make an appointment

It seems obvious, right? You do not even know how many brides think they can enter in to the first bridal shop, without an appointment. If you rely on a wedding planner left her to make an appointment for you, but if you decide to go independently, remember it’s always good education book first!

2. Leave at home your friends

Would risk to confuse rather than help. Bring your mom and best friend, the one you know to be honest and not jealous, When you are in so many, you may not be able to feel calm to be able to choose what is in our tastes. Usually when there are too many heads you never reach a conclusion and exit from the atelier a bit disappointed and without a wedding dress …Once chosen, you can take them with you to one of the tests, they can’t will confuse ideas and will be excited with you!



3. the Budget

Be clear with the budget for the wedding dress! And useless to look at something that you can not afford … When you are in a studio tempting to try everything is huge, but not take advantage of the kindness of salewoman, which will make you equally try everything, but with a different mood. And if you can go over the budget, make sure that you do not overdo it … Remember that in your budget we should also fall accessories!

4. Underwear

Would be good to show up at the first rehearsal with linen or white or flesh-colored, it is nice to see a black lace trim, or multicolor under layers of white tulle. Then once you have chosen the right dress, you’ll choose the perfect lingerie.



5. Have fun

Do not be discouraged if some fun dress is not for you, or there is too tight, or it fell on you! It means that the studio was not right, but your wedding dress is out there waiting for you somewhere! Live each experience with joy and happiness, you will remember these moments for a lifetime!

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