Wedding Dress: 5 tips to choose the right one !

One of the biggest bride’s problems is the gown research!

It’s useless that I can explain how true it is that it is almost always a stroke of lightning, but until you live you won’t understand me. .. But the most skeptical, the most precise way, those that need to have everything under control, can rely on unambiguous signal that would indicate that that is your dress and nothing else will make you change your mind!

1. Emotion As you will fit it will give you a Jolt along the entire back and know that’s what yours! And then the litmus test is the reaction of your enturage: are all in tears? IT’S HIM!

2. Comfortbesides being beautiful should be comfortable, and the perfect outfit has especially this feature: If you feel like you are flying with 100 layers of tulle so we are!

3. Sex Appeal Comfort doesn’t necessarily mean that the sexy side be overlooked! If in addition to flying and to bring you true emotion you feel in great shape, feel free … and not let him get away!

4. Pride If you can imagine the exhibitions and the strutting alongside your father down the aisle, confident and loose then we are right to choice!

5. Brightness There are dresses that flatten the face, which despite being beautiful does not make you shine … so then you will recognize the right dress just because everyone just exits the dressing room will tell you: you’re bright! If when you’ll measure your gown you’ll find yourself a 5 out of 5 then you will have no doubt … but just a 4 out of 5, don’t be a perfectionist!





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