Wedding Color: 5 tips to avoid mistakes

One of the easier errors to commit to a wedding is related to the color that you have chosen as the theme of the event. Not everyone knows that it is not just a color, chosen at random, there for no reason and without soul. There is a study, a planning, reflection and analysis of countless hours on the nuance and shades of a color can take.

Well, today I’ll help you to figure out how to avoid some mistakes, base for the success of perfect wedding!

1. Ignore fashion!

All we want to be trendy, but sometimes fashion leads us astray and we approve too! A few years ago it was fashionable Green Apple, the result? All weddings! We want to take that chance and have our marriage like that of so many other brides?

Follow your taste and let yourself be guided by instinct, make your wedding more personal and less fashionable and already you something extra!

2. Look the venue

If the building we chose have walls painted with gold and Pompeian red, we cannot expect to match a green Tiffany (which for me would disappear from the face of the Earth) or a lilac!

Study well the location of your choice and get the details.

3. No monotony!

Do you Know, it there is nothing uglier than the monotony!? Not exist just a color … There are nuances! Let’s play with nuance and exploit all shades of the selected color. You will be surprised to see that starting from a color you can join many others with a harmonious and unique result!

Imagination and remember that with flowers everything becomes more beautiful!


4. Don’t forget the details

Of the ceremony booklets, the napkin holder ribbon, the stationery, the handle of the bouquet! Behold, these are the details that seem irrelevant, but together create the mood!  Don’t forget it!

5. Dare!

Without exaggeration and always respecting the complementary colors, I recommend! But try to create unusual combinations combining soft colors in bright colors! I recommend the harmony, we must not make the originals at all costs!




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