Wedding Budget: tips to have the best one!

It’s a word that I hear repeated for years! Budget! Budget! Budget!


I know that I look nasty and when I say the word budget break the spell that has developed between us until then, but since one of the most important tasks for a good wedding planner is also to take care of the budget of marriage and enforce it for me it is unfortunately one of the first questions that i have to ask! You are going to face many expenses and it is right to do a bit of order so don’t think badly of me! But some of you have no idea where to start, since it is the first time in life that you have to consider it and there are so many variables to consider, and not to be underestimated! How to get started then?

1. What do you want?

Clear ideas are central to the organization in general. Together with your partner, ask yourself this question and clearly expose your needs and possibilities!

2. Lists and numbers

Take a nice piece of paper and write a list and enter all the items that you feel NECESSARY for the wedding. Alongside these items take fun to give the numbers! You do not have to go crazy, but simply assign a percentage of expenditure. It’s very easy to think that about 40% of your budget will be invested for the location and the catering, after which it will be easy to assign the rest of the percentages of all the other items!

3. Exceed!

Once you  identified items and percentages, try to give a cost to all these rumors. I recommend you always exaggerate, always remaining within the established budget. Better expect a high figure and then end up with a few coins in more rather than opens the opposite!

4. Make choices

There is definitely something you will want more than one! Then set priorities “indispensable” of your wedding. Once this is done it will seem easy everything else.

5. Be in advance

Ahead of the game is always a good choice. Avoid stress and you can have great deals! Do prior investigations also allows you to not be cheated after! So not only serves to identify the budget more accurately but also to save a little something..

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