Honey Moon: 5 tips to have the best travel of your life!

Are you planning your honey moon? Are you sure you know everything about how to book the honeymoon? Have you considered everything before you leave? Here are some tips to follow in order to be prepared before you book your long-awaited honeymoon.

1. Climate Before making any decision about half to choose, check if you prefer you’ll find the right climate. For example,… If you’re getting married in June and want to leave immediately after the wedding, know that the hemisphere South of the Equator as you get off the climate will go worse, until you find a real winter weather! Then type destinations are not recommended: South Africa, Australia, Madagascar, Argentina (and much of South America). So either postpone your honeymoon for a few months, or change your goals! Pay attention also to the rainy period, affecting especially the equatorial countries! And in San Francisco if you go in August … Unlike the rest of California, where there are 40° in the shade, in San Francisco you will find 12°!!!


2. Travel documents Once you have selected your destination and the period, make sure you have everything in order! There are places where you cannot go if you have a passport that expires two months after your arrival in the place, many places will only accept passports with over 6 months, so be careful! Same thing goes for vaccines: If you go to countries where prophylaxis is required, be careful to respect it!


3. Luggage Remember that it is always best to travel light! We will be taking more luggage behind, heavier will come back. Already considered the space for what you will buy out, for you or for souvenirs for your loved ones, without the risk of paying astronomical amounts of excess!

4. Study Try to find as much information as possible about the habits, customs and religion of the destination that you choose for your honeymoon. It’s not nice to be watched bad because you are wearing something inappropriate, or you end up in an unsafe area of the city! Studied everything before! You will feel less “touristy” and more locals!

5. Open your mind Choose unusual destinations: organize a stage on the back of an elephant in Thailand; plan an excursion to treehouses of indigenous in Malaysia; cross over the Grand Canyon at night with a specialized guide, camping in a cave. It is a journey that will not return, make it the best trip of your life!
viaggio_di_nozze_tailandia viaggio_di_nozze honeymoon_sudafrica viaggio_di_nozze_Santorini


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