Wedding Guests: 5 Tips to avoid!!

The success of a marriage depends on the good organization of the event. Bride and groom or wedding planner should make sure that their guests to live that day with excitement and serenity. In view of this we must also provide for the needs and requirements of the guests and not only of the bride and groom. But did you know that often to “fail” a marriage are the guests? In this post we will analyze mistakes to avoid to be the perfect guest to weddings!

1. Church Ever get along with the bride!! Often because of traffic or delays of various kinds, guests arrive late to church. If the risk is getting together with his bride, do not show you … wait until you come in, that finsca music and only then do you your entrance in the Church.


2. Rice Throwing rice is a one of the best moments of the wedding, because with a single gesture manifests the joy to be there to celebrate with the bride and groom an important day. So be gentle and don’t run it with all the strength you have!

3. Tables Never ask to be changed of place! If the bride and groom have decided to assign that place means that they felt it was the right choice. Tormentateli not during the reception, at most ask the wedding planner, that if it can, will try to solve the problem.

4. Clothes Topic already covered in this post, but it is always good to remember: No to black, white and purple! We prefer cocktail dresses and elegant fabrics but not too exaggerated.

5. Not too much Alcohol! Try to have fun without turning the wedding of your friends in a rave! You can always have fun while maintaining a certain demeanor!

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