Winter Weddings: 8 tips to fall in love with HIM!

The  winter wedding saga is going to end, and I think now we have touched almost all the highlights. Flowers, colors, bouquet … We talked about it so much that I think I have convinced you, but with this last post, I’m sure I can hit you and convince you that the winter wedding is not only romantic, but also convenient!

1. Atmosphere!

The winter has a perfect light to play with the atmosphere! Lights, candles, fire in the fireplace, fireworks light up the night! You have the excuse and you are allowed to give to the mad joy with the lights!



2. White on white

In my area is quite difficult to achieve, I admit it, unless you want to take one artificial snow cannon… But for those who love snow, and dreams of a wedding in the ice, or in a cabin in the mountains, the winter wedding is perfect for the effect on white!

3. Availability

Not being so usual marriage winter offers the possibility for spouses not to go forward to search for a location free! Not risk trying the disappointment of falling in love with a dream and vedervelo take away from a bride faster than you!



4. It’s cheaper!

Being aperiod non much requested the availability of the location, also the cost will be more attractive! The same location in summer cost could be even three times!

5. Like to the guests

In winter you get lazy and hardly puts his nose out of the house. The cold, the routine, the few entertainment that always seem the same … But when someone is invited to a winter wedding, is always happy to participate! Maybe it is also an excuse for not doing the same things, plus you’re with friends and celebrated till late!

6. No B Plan!

You’ll never have to stress for the weather ! Your Plan B is also the Plan A and vice versa! You will always be in the warmth and celebrate without stress but with a big smile!

7. The right time to go!

Usually those who marry in the summer also expected six months to go on their honeymoon, because the best season to enjoy the most of a trip to exotic destinations, is the winter! And so you can plan a trip to the Maldives, the Seiychelles or Bora Bora without fear of making mistakes!



8. I will remember all!

You will be sure that everyone will remember the date of your wedding! You will not be discounted as all those who get married in the summer, and if you get married in the vicinity of festivities then certainly everyone will remember! A good idea might be New Year’s Eve … you might be happy that many of your friends at New Year are the eternal undecided !!


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