Winter Wedding: flowers tips!

Since I published the post on winter wedding I started to get a lot of email for advice on many things: location, theme, colors, combinations. But what most worries the women caressing the idea of ​​getting married in the winter, are the flowers!

Sometimes I wonder if couples decide to get married in the summer just because they have no idea how wonderful flowers can be had in the winter, not to mention that you do not have the risk of withering due to the heat!

All, or almost, know the classic summer flowers and all brides are always looking for the soft romantic peonies and hydrangeas that now have become a cliché! Even in summer we must not dwell only on the usual flowers, having a wide selection of alternatives just as beautiful, but if we were planning a winter wedding  which flowers would find at your disposal?

It must be said that with the continuous innovation, you can find non-seasonal flowers throughout the year, but I like to indulge what nature holds for us, in respect of what gives us the seasons!

First of all? The amaryllis! Delicate but strong, proud and regal! Red, blood or sangria or pure white, it always marries well with natural elements. I have combined it with the white broom for an effect of breath and lightness.



The delicate and small hellebore, also called “Christmas Rose“, a real treat! Almost unknown because considered poor flower, but refined and very versatile. It serves to give volume and you can go on using good deal because it is among a cheaper flowers!



You know the anemone? No, not that of the sea! The anemone is one of my favorite flowers, but very delicate. blooms in autumn mainly, but a good florist knows how to take care of and do hold out for a winter wedding.



All underestimate the beauty of carnations … apparently are not a good advice. And instead to think about on these trivial things, why do not you imagine in a beautiful massive composition in substitution of hydrangeas? They are annual flowers and are incredibly versatile!

garofani_centrotavola_matrimonio_invernale_esterchianelli_weddingplanner garofani_sangria_bouquet_matrimonio_invernale_esterchianelli_weddingplanner

These are just small ideas, but as you can see the choice is there and it is also very wide!

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