Invitation trend: Silk or Wood?

“Well begun is half done” is the phrase that my mother always told me since childhood. This saying makes me think about what I want to talk today: invitations!

Consider it like the business card of your wedding. Already through the invitation will indicate to your guests the style you have chosen, written maybe with the color that will be the theme of the event that makes them curious about how it will be that day!

Fortunately the trends comes in aid: Have you ever thought to write your invitations on an unusual materials such as wood or silk?

For those who have in mind to organize a wedding in Boho or Country style, the wooden invitations are perfect! You can also think about all the details that can be made with the same technique and the same materials … A wedding truly original and unique.

And if your wedding will be in vintage style? Why not send handkerchiefs or scarves printed with the invitation? Definitely a welcome homage to keep as a memento

The wedding invitation should respond to some rules dictated by etiquette but, as I have repeated to exhaustion, now many rules are set aside to follow trends.

I’m a traditionalist, you know, I prefer  amalfi paper invitation, handwritten, and perhaps with the seal in wax … but it’s tastes and must also propose the latest news !!





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