Wedding Photo-reportage

Brides love to be the only protagonists of their special day, and the rest because they should not be? Radiant, beautiful and cheerful, they are the undisputed queens of marriage! Sometimes, however, there are those who want to steal their scene, risking tarnishing their bright image! I’m not talking about the mother-in-law, nor the jealous guest … We are talking about who will be with you for many hours and sometimes risks being intrusive … The Photographer!


Want to the excessive personality and self-centeredness; either because some believe to melt the ice taking more confidence than request; either for lack of professionalism in the field of photography because now we find many improvised, and almost all offer the wedding photojournalism without knowing the real issues, but the fact is that photographers often become real first women, who annoy spouses instead of doing their job.


This doesn’t happen with the great professionals, and this week we wanted to let people talk with who in the industry of photo reportage of marriage is a proven leader! Morlotti Studio in the person of Daniele Veneri, will explain some aspects of the real wedding photo reportage !

“The photojournalist, for historical notions, is someone to photograph the best situation in which you find must become one with the same, you have to mix, hide, and overall make partaker of what happens. A good photographer photojournalism double It should be: elegant (both in appearance in the photo), discreet and always ready to capture all the emotions that apparently hidden, emerge during the best day for a man and a woman. A last thing, thatI want to shout loudly, is that a photo-reportage of marriage does not in any way photographs cutlery, photographers organizers, actors and entertainers “.


“Take small things to create great images is our strength. Pictures that tell a story with a simple and elegant style, combining photographs stolen from interpreted photographs, trying to create an intimate vision. Picture that can tell the lights, colours, moods and emotions of the most important day of your life “.



Daniele and I durint one of ours wedding!

Morlotti Studio is in line with my idea of marriage since ever, isn’t yours the same?

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