An American Wedding In Naples

 I already talked about Ashley & Peter here, but for those who don’t want to go to re-read that post I show you a brief summary:

September 2013 Ashley, a nice and sweet girl of Minnesota (which initially exchange for a man because she signed with her surname, Aaron) writes to me to arrange her wedding to June in Naples. Why just in Naples? Because her grandparents giant fiance were originally from of our zone.

Already after the first mail, Ashley and I have become great friends and after many months spent in exchanging daily updates on her marriage, we were eager to get to know each other. In fairness, it was my first American wedding and I was delighted to learn new customs and traditions!Ashley%2BPeter-33-3453040389-O

They were married on 19 June and unfortunately, the rain gave us a little spoiled the plans … We were supposed to assemble the reception on the roof top of Parker’s and spend the evening with music and stars. The bride and groom didn’t have lived this inconvenient with sadness, they were equally delighted to be able to look at the sea view from the terrace below!Ashley%2BPeter-426-3449054566-O

Ashley asked more than once that they want roses, poenie and lots of babybreath, because she loves the sense of lightness. For the rest she totally entrusted to our hands, writing over and over again that she liked everything what I proposed and she had complete confidence in me!Ashley%2BPeter-265-3449025537-O

It was a Catholic marriage and Don Roberto Mitrano, pastor of the Church “Matrice of San Rocco” in Pietramelara (Peter’s grandparents home country) celebrated in english, with booklet in English and American ritual. Really a thrill to hear the exchange of vows in English!Ashley%2BPeter-133-3449437878-O

The excitement and happiness of these two spouses was for me a big satisfaction for the many months of work, spent to write long email in a language not my own; for having learned habits that I belonged and discovered the emotion that foreigners prove in our land!img_16

Thank’s a lot Ashley&Peter, I”ll never forget your “Graziiiiii” for my work… I made all this with the heart!












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