Love Elements!

Gold, Emerald, Coral, Sapphire, Diamond.

Copper, Bronze, Pewter, Steel.


I’m not crazy, and no, I don’t want to bore you with a lesson in Chemistry, although for who don’t know, I have a degree in Marine Biology with a lot of specialization in Aquatic Biosystems … Are you wondering why a degree in Marine Biology , specializing in Aquatic Biosystems does the wedding planner? You will know in the next post, because it’s a bit long story and I would like to dedicate a separate post.


So you have ascertained avoided two things, one of my long post and a boring lesson in Chemistry, I will whet your attention with other elements.



Cotton, Paper, Leather, Wood.


I’ll give you a hint: the men always forget it and forget it forever!

Now you got there?



  • 1st year:  Cotton wedding anniversary
  • 2nd year:  paper wedding anniversary
  • 3rd year:  Leather or Leather wedding anniversary
  • 4th year: Fruits and Flowers wedding anniversary
  • 5th year: Wooden wedding anniversary
  • 6th year: Sugar wedding anniversary
  • 7th year: Wool wedding anniversary
  • 8th year: Salt wedding anniversary
  • 9th year: Ceramics wedding anniversary
  • 10th year: Pond wedding anniversary
  • 11th year: Steel wedding anniversary
  • 12thyear: Silk wedding anniversary
  • 13th year: Lace wedding anniversary
  • 14th year Ivory wedding anniversary
  • 15th year: Porcelane wedding anniversary
  • 20 th year: Cristal wedding anniversary
  • 25th year: Silver wedding anniversary
  • 30th year: Pearl wedding anniversary
  • 35th year: Coral wedding anniversary
  • 40th year: Emerald wedding anniversary
  • 45th year: Ruby  wedding anniversary
  • 50th year: Golden  wedding anniversary
  • 55th year:  Sapphire  wedding anniversary
  • 60th year: Diamond  wedding anniversary

In Italy we have these anniversaries, and for some of you will not match what you were instead explained, told or handed down, I see you already saying, “but noooo! Wedding of wood are for 7th years for the 5th ” and so on! As often happens, traditions and beliefs vary from region to region, and even from province to province. Better-known ones  I think are all the same.

The Diamond wedding anniversary, 60 years of marriage, are a distant goal and almost unthinkable today, but… Every day together is a goal achieved and your love it is the prize!

My grandparents have been for me the greatest example of love that I’ve had the pleasure and honor to attend! 71 years together and still in love like two kids.



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