What I do

They call me “wedding planner”, but I would like to make you understand what I can do to create the wedding of your dreams. My goal is to avoid wasting of time and make all your wishes come true. That’s why I visit countless locations before suggesting you the most suitable to your needs; I smell and select thousands of flowers for you. I know all the flavors of confetti and I will suggest you the best ones, so you won’t put on weight and you won’t need to go to the dentist. I’m also the one who is solving problems without you noticing. Together we will create a unique wedding. Do you still think that I’m JUST a “wedding planner”?

Why should you choose me

In this section I will not tell you I’m the best one, the funniest or the most professional and experienced: I will explain you instead my way to organize your event. I organize each wedding as it was mine and this pushes me to take care of all the details. I don’t follow fashions, I don’t make some choices just because it’s the trend of the moment. I listen to ideas, proposals and tastes of the couples, paying attention to lingering in the chosen style. For me meeting and talking to the spouses is fundamental, also because I’m a chatterbox! Just by knowing them deeply I will be able to realize their dream.

What beauty is for me

I don’t always like what it’s objectively beautiful, I’m mostly attracted by harmony. I deeply love all the things having grace, kindness and elegance. Even a consumed old armchair, if placed in the right ambience, with the right lights, with details hiding the flaws and highlighting the values, can create a suggestive, intimate, lovely atmosphere. Bacon used to say that “beauty is like a rich stone, best plain set” and for me too beauty often dwells in simplicity. Being simple but also elegant needs a refined study of balances and harmonies…but don’t think it’s so “simple”!

You finally received the proposal you were waiting for and now you have to organize your wedding.

The “to do list” looks endless, complicated, unattainable and extremely expensive. You start wasting time and money to run after the florist, the suppliers, the hairstylist, the make up artist and the designer. Stress increases because the situation is getting out of your hands, then add the excitement of the most important day and that the brides are often in high spirits and you’re there, on the altar, beautiful but tired, stressed, and with a lot of money less…
When you contact a wedding planner you can relax and enjoy all the phases of one of the most beautiful period of your life without any concern, because all drudgery, phone calls, roundtrips to set everything with the location, the florist, the suppliers would not be your duty. Isn’t it a saving of time, energies and money?

I will:

design, plan and create your event
set up and take down the location
take care of the look of the event and of the spouses/guests of honor
find and coordinate the suppliers chosen for the event

Wedding writer

Make a book from your love story. Our “wedding writing” service gives you the chance add a literary mark to your wedding day. You can use it before as a favor or after to show to your family and friends the most original wedding album.
You will need just few meetings with our writer, who’s actually a ghost writer collaborating with the main Italian publishing houses, and deal done! Or, the author will be at your wedding like a normal reporter, telling what happened after your “I do” in a limited edition volume.


Libro dell'incontro

Your love story becomes a novel you can give to your parents, your best man or maid of honor.

Libro delle nozze

A short story, satirical or not, of your most beautiful day. You can attach it to the photo album or to the video of your wedding.

Wedding novel

An illustrated tale, with parts of narration in the bottom of the page, about the dynamics which lead from the first meeting to “I do”. A special and precious favor.

Wedding book trailer

A preview of the volume of your choice with parts of the text, perfect as a placeholder and totally customizable.