Ester / Team / Staff

Ester Chianelli

Founder & Chief Wedding Planner

I was born during the summer of 1982, while Italy was winning its third World Cup. I don’t think it’s my credit, but it was a nice moment. I lived in tree different Italian cities until I was 9, then I always lived in Napoli. That’s why I can simulate at least five different accents then continue talking like a streetwise child. I graduated in marine biology because I think turtles are funny. I think it’s because of their perfect, regal peacefulness. I used to work on tv, as a journalist and author of shows, and this lead me to see something like thirty different countries all around the world: the most beautiful is South Africa, trust me. London is my favorite city also because my husband proposed me there. I’m really good at cooking and I still couldn’t find something more reasonable to do in life. When I have a problem I like to line up my thoughts and find a way to solve it. Then I arrived to my present job, which is planning: exhibitions, openings, runways, parties and weddings. A lot of weddings, I have the same experience of a priest…


I couldn’t go anywhere alone! Nothing of what you see could be done with just two hands and one brain. Piera and the girls working for me have a fundamental role.

Piera Raimondi

Event Coordinator
I was born in Napoli on September 27, 1981. I studied at the Ecole Française de Naples until the junior high school so I have a vocation for foreign languages and that’s why I can’t tolerate people who don’t know other languages but still insist on using them (especially on social networks). Since I’m from Napoli I couldn’t help but be a stubborn Napoli football team supporter even though I wish I could leave my city and live in New York. That’s where I met Ester again: when she saw the Marc Jacobs bag I bought half price we understood that we were soul mates. I’m the “Event Coordinator”, a role which is taylor made for me since I used to work for many years in the organization of different kinds of events (meetings, press conferences, festivals, workshops) but I wanted to challenge myself with something more “emotional”. I’m Ester’s right-hand man, I coordinate the logistics of the events and I manage the staff, shortly I’m the “pain in the neck” of all the members of the team. But our “professional wedding” works perfectly.


They maybe look delicate and young, fragile apparently, but the girls working with me are full of energies and are strong as rocks. They run, jump and climb, they knot ribbons, they defy temperatures and do anything to help me to realize your event, exactly how you dreamt it. And they always do it with a smile!